Discover popular searches on Google

Popular searches on Google

Discover popular searches and trends world wide

On the Google Trends homepage you can explore Trending Stories in real time by category and location. In some locations, you’ll also see featured stories at the top of the page that are curated by the News Lab at Google to provide you with additional insights found in the data.

About Google Trends & Explore Trends

Popular Searches Google Trends, Discover popular searches on Google.

Google Trends

Popular Searches

Trending Searches highlights searches that jumped significantly in traffic among all searches over the past 24 hours and updates hourly. You can use Trending Searches to see what people are most interested in at any given time and how the searches rank compared to one another.

Where Trends data comes from

Google Trends data is an unbiased sample of Google search data. Only a percentage of searches are used to compile Trends data.

  • Real time data is a random sample of searches from the last seven days.
  • Non-real time data is a random sample of Google search data that can be pulled from as far back as 2004 and up to 36 hours prior to your search.

Once the search data is collected, we categorize it, connect it to a topic, and remove any personal information.

Data that is excluded
  • Searches made by very few people: Trends only shows data for popular terms, so search terms with low volume appear as 0.
  • Duplicate searches: Trends eliminates repeated searches from the same person over a short period of time.
  • Special characters: Trends filters out queries with apostrophes and other special characters.
Search tips for Trends

You can use punctuation in your searches to filter the results you see in Trends.

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